Economic conference in Vienna

Skopje, 05 of December

The Minister without portfolio in charge of Information Society Development, Mr. Ivo Ivanovski attended the Economic conference in Vienna from 3-4 December, 2007. The minister addressed the attendants, among which were high government representatives from neighboring country and members countries of EU.

In his address the accent was put on attracting foreign investments as well as on the advantages which Government offers for them. The economic program of the Government was mentioned as well as key economic advantages for 2007 such as: sustaining the macroeconomic stability, improving the business climate, reducing unemployment and poverty and improving the economy, with goal of retaining sustainable development and improving the life standard. The minister without portfolio Ivanovski in his address emphasized the results of the undertaken policies, such as: undertaken measurements for tax flattening and reduction of the administrative procedures in the frames of the project “Regulatory guillotine”, establishment of technological-industrial areas on few locations in our country, where the conditions are exceptionally good for foreign investors, and an increased number of companies that investment in Macedonia. Projects that the Government implements for developing information society were emphasized, too. Such projects are “Computer for every child” , free training for the citizens, free internet, granting credit coupons - vouchers for students enrolled in 4th year, allocating scholarships for the best students in computer science, opening of free Internet cafes etc.