Firm registration will take only three hours

Skopje, 21 of July 2007

From September onward firm registration will take only free hours, said the Minister of Information Society Ivo Ivanovski. That will be made possible through electronic registration of business entities in the Central Registry and in Public Revenue Direction from 20-th of September this year.  

Explaining the start of the project for changes in the one step shop system Ivanovski said that the basic reason for missing the registration deadline of 3 days, is the fact procedure for registration of the social security number of business entities was conducted by the Central Registry. Because of that, added Ivanovski, the one step shop registration system in practice was functioning as two step shop system.

- With the changes suggested by the Government, the process will be conducted by electronic way, clients will come with letter of intentions to the Central Registry, which issues the social security number and submits it to the Public Revenue Direction as well as to the bank where the client is interested in opening bank account.  Within  3-4 hours PRD issues unique tax number which is returned to the  Central Registry and than the company registration in the Central Regiter will be completed from one place, within 3-4 hours, said Ivanovski.                  

For client who will apply in the afternoon, the application will be processed the following day within four hours. It will be suggested to make changes in the  Law on one step shop system by introducing an obligation for the Central Registry to perform company registration for less than 8 hours.

At the same time the banks are advised to adapt their systems within 2-3 months so that they can issue bank accounts and connect with the Central Registration promptly.