Four days free internet access

Skopje, 26 of December 2006

On 30, 31 of December this year and 1, 2, of January next year, the Government of Republic of Macedonia will provide free internet for all citizens, said Ivo Ivanovski yesterday, Minister of information society. The username for the free internet is “vladanarm” and the password is “ostvaruvame”. The Government will cover not only the costs for the Internet access but also the costs for the impulses.

Minister Ivanovski promised free internet access in May as well as at the end of the year 2007. He announced a massive informatics program for education of the citizens, that will be published in the media towards the end of March next year.

“I’m invite all citizens to apply for of this program, which will be very well organized in order to be better introduced with Internet and the other computer applications”, said Minister Ivanovski