Minister of information society and administration, Ivo Ivanovski’s address at the FINKI opening

 Do you know that, if you are one in millions of China’s population, there are 1.300 others like you.  Do you know that China will soon outgrow in the largest nation speaking English. Do you know that 25% of India’s population has the highest coefficient of intelligence which is more than the total number of the USA population!


Do you know that the most demanded 10 professions in 2010 did not exist in 2006. By 2013, it is speculated that first super computer will have been made which will outperform capabilities of a human brain.


Do you know that while Ii am addressing you, 694,000 songs have been already downloaded from the Internet illegally and some of you have left your computers to download songs while you are here, :)

Do you know which country has the largest number of widespread Internet users? - BERMUDA

Do you know which country has more Face Book users than the Bermudas? MACEDONIA!

Macedonia has 894,000 Face Book users. If the Face Book were a sport, Macedonia would be ranked 31st place in the world. This is more than any other national sport team, except for our heroes who are making big efforts in Lithuania. With their hearts in the sport field! Let us wish them success in today’s semi-final game!!! If you did not know all this about, DO NOT worry. You have chosen the right place to enroll in FINKI!!!


Dear freshmen,

Dear Dean of the FINKI, vice deans, professors and assistants,

We live in a world of drastic changes. Today, we can speak about information revolution that changes society in radical proportions. Information revolution has and will have enormous effects that se we are just beginning to understand – local economies change, industries are restructured, companies reorganized, labor market is changing, communication is drastically faster and easier. The effect of these changes is also globalization which pull down restrictions of state borders and local markets.


Thomas Friedman – The World Is Flat… 3.0 Globalization




Only knowledge can guarantee you security in your work.

Novelty quantities in technical development DOUBLE  every SECOND year. It means for all of you who are beginning 4-year studies that half of what you are going to study in your first year will be already obsolete by the end of your 3rd academic year.

The most demanded 10 working posts in 2010 did not exist in 2006.


The challenge of the academic sector is to prepare students for jobs that do not exist yet with existing technology, solving issues that we DO NOT expect to be challenges for our society!

Industrial world comes into a phase of changes which make impact on almost all aspects of life. The new vision of “society of the future” or so-called information society, should be based on knowledge and innovations. We are talking about society in which all citizens and companies will have easy and inexpensive access to information and knowledge through electronic communication infrastructure and digital technologies. We are talking about a society of competitiveness, efficiency and efficacy of companies directly depending and conditioned by development, progress and readiness for benefit application of information and computer sciences.

Building of qualified and quality cadres in information science and computer engineering field is necessary precondition for achieving progressive movement of Macedonian industry and society in general toward new age of economy based on information and knowledge.


The dynamics of information and computer sciences on the one hand and their representation in all spheres of everyday life and work on the other hand, impose the need for a special educational institution that is modern and focused on the world,  and first  of all Macedonian market needs.

Over the past few years, IT cadre has been considered to be scarce staff in the country. The efforts and initiatives for overcoming this situation are now supplemented with opening of the Faculty for Information Sciences and Computer Engineering.


The teaching personnel and announced curriculum of the faculty speak about  expected education quality of the faculty, and also about the quality of cadres that would come out and be on disposal to the labor market in several years.

The goal is clear – creation of a competitive IT cadre in the country who will deal both with dynamics and progress of technologies, as well as with the market demands and expectations.


I am happy about the fact that the Faculty for Information Sciences and Computer Engineering  has already realized and established close cooperation with Macedonian business community because they are final consumers of this faculty services.


I am also happy about the faculty initiative to take part and cooperate with international projects and international universities because that is the place where necessary experience is exchanged in respect of directing progress in right direction.


I sincerely hope and expect that the faculty will have great achievements and qualities in producing students necessary to Macedonian economy, and also to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia which set the information society development  as one of its strategic priorities.


While the previous generation communicated via telegrams and letters, which took days and months to get from one to another place, today’s generation communicates via SMS messages and electronic mail which takes only few seconds.

While the previous generation listened to the radio, today it is replaced with I-Pod, MP3 and telephones with memory cards. While the previous generation watched TV with lamps, today we watch monitors with LED diodes and possibilities with mobile device to use it as a TV.


Social networks change the way of living. The Face Book has deeply penetrated into our everyday lives. Macedonia is a leader in the region and beyond by the number of the Face Book users. The games such as Mafia, Night Club City… enable you to create a discotheque according to your taste, where you can invite your friends and socialize.

Social City… allows you to build a commune according to your visionary fantasies. Mall World allows all teenagers to open a virtual boutique, design clothes and sell them.

Farmville… to build your own farm.

My Empire… to build your own farm.

And for all the rest… Texas hold’em Poker, a classic that will never die.

The Face Book has more than 750 million users. If the Face Book was a state, it would be the THIRD biggest state in the world, after China and India. Two and a half times bigger than the USA! We spend more and more time in the virtual world, and les in the real one. These are the challenges created by the modern age in which we live today. We cannot imagine our lives without technologies regardless of how destructive or constructive  they are.


Modern smart telephones are multifunctional devices that we use for SMS messages, e-mail, TV stream programs, radio stream, video conference, images, music system, social networks and all the rest we need. Mobile operative systems such as Android, Blackberry and I-Phone have set new development goals in information and communication technologies.

The Internet development changes the world on a daily basis.


Getting a certificate would not guarantee a good job. You need to acquire knowledge that will actively include you in the labor market, to give your contribution to economic and social development of our beloved homeland the Republic of Macedonia. I recommend that you maximally use resources of the Faculty for Information Sciences and Computer Engineering and get as much knowledge as possible during your education.


Finally, my dear…. the saying – What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas! – has a new terminology and practice.

What happened in Vegas, stays on the Face Book, stays on You Tube, stays on MySpace, stays on Hi5, stays on Linkedin, stays on Google+, stays on Flicker, stays on Forsker, stays on Habu, stays on MyLife, stays on Orcut, stays on Twitter, stays  on Ksing… stays in the clouds of the virtual world in which we live, and you will continue improving it!!!

Dear students,

I wish you success, happiness, beautiful life and health in the next academic years.



Good luck!!!

Thank you