Estimation of the impact of regulations – RIA and ENER

Project name: administrative burden elimination through increased participation of citizens and companies in the process of new legal acts drafting – Estimation of the impact of regulations – RIA and ENER

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia has committed for business environment improvement and procedure simplification for doing business, as well as for making simpler administrative duties for citizens in general. For that purpose, several mechanisms have been adopted in the Republic of Macedonia which contribute to fulfillment of these commitments.

Fulfillment of the commitment for better regulative started with introduction of the Regulatory Guillotine concept, and soon after introduction of obligatory application of impact estimation of the regulative. The process of enacting laws has been strengthened in the part of consultations with interested parties, and for that purpose was established the web portal ENER – Unique National Electronic Register of regulations (

RIA is about law evaluation in drafting process – before their adoption. RIA improves efficacy and responsibility of the Government and ministries – legislation conceivers, through mandatory consultations with concerned parties, regardless of the fact they are subjects in or out of the state administration.

- Unique National Electronic Register of regulations – ENER

The Unique Electronic Register of regulations ( ) is an electronic system consisting draft laws of ministries, besides other existing regulations. ENER is a functional tool which allows interested parties to submit electronically their comments and suggestions directly to competent institutions.

The aim of this register is to allow citizens, business community and all other interested parties to get familiar with amendments and supplements to draft laws in their preparation phase. After registering with the Register, any user depending on the user group can have access to draft laws open to the public.

Status: in progress