Public administration website '' launched

Skopje, 9th February 2015

Minister of Information Society and Administration, Ivo Ivanovski, promoted the public administration website ''. Ivanovski said that the idea originated from public administration reform package in order to build a creative, efficient and competitive service for citizens.


"The web-portal '', which is intended for employees in public administration but also to inform citizens, will promote and affirm the values and criteria that are necessary for a normal, modern and efficient functioning of administrative services. This web portal integrates all public administration institutions: Ministries, Agencies, Directorates and provides information about administrative work",- said Ivanovski; Website '' also offers information on certified Foreign Language Centers.


Minister announced two administrative laws will come into force on 13th of February. All by-laws were published in official gazette, whereas the Catalogue of work positions – together with 12 forms of Acts on job systematization, can be found on the web site 'www.' and the web site of MISA.


”Each institution has to harmonize the existing systematization with the Catalogue of work positions and submit the new systematization to the Ministry of Information Society and Administration. Then data on each employee have to be entered in the new electronic human resource management system. Upon completion, procedures for hiring new employees could be launched, if required. If one of these steps is not fulfilled, the institution can′t make new job announcement . "- said Minister. Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration, Marta Arsovska Tomovska, also attended the event.



Ministry of Information Society and Administration