Memorandum of Cooperation between MISA and Microsoft office in Macedonia signed

Skopje, 9th Мarch 2015

Minister of Information Society and Administration, Ivo Ivanovski, and CEE General Manager - Multi-Country at Microsoft, Adriana Boersma -Rodrigues, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in Education, enabling the use of new information technologies in overall educational process. The document is of utmost importance because it gives opportunities for creativity, new ideas and knowledge.


”This Memorandum provides a comprehensive joint public-private program for upgrading the education. The key strategic aims are: to transform learning, encourage further innovation and develop 21st Century skills and credentials. This document reflects our commitment to cooperation so we will focus on creating Microsoft Innovative Schools and innovative teaching, development of IT academy, certificate programs and other activities of mutual interest", said Ivanovski, adding that the Ministry of Information Society and Administration and Ministry of Education and Science have recognized the need to improve ICT use in primary and secondary schools.


"Our mutual commitment is to encourage young people to use opportunities for education, employment and entrepreneurship . Our partnership is dedicated to helping young people to take advantage of Microsoft programs in order to acquire skills, prepare for future jobs and start their own businesses ", said Ivanovski.


The CEE General Manager at Microsoft, Adriana Boersma -Rodrigues, emphasized that innovations and ICT are key aspects for increasing the competitiveness and reducing unemployment. ”The Memorandum of cooperation in education should transform the educational process and provide life-long learning. Better implementation of Microsoft Youth Spark initiative, will create new opportunities for young people to improve their productivity and potency”, said Boersma -Rodrigues.






Ministry of Information Society and Administration