Ivanovski: Macedonia jumps 10 places on the world information map

Skopje, 22th April 2015

Republic of Macedonia is ranked 47th out of 143 countries included in the survey in 'The Global Information Technology Report 2015' published by the World Economic Forum.


"Our country has climbed up 10 positions in 2015 and accordingly 20 positions compared to 2013 when we were ranked 67th. I would like to point out that Macedonia is among the ten most improved countries since 2012", said Ivo Ivanovski, Minister of Information Society and Administration.


Slovenia taking the 37th place is the only country in the region which is better ranked than Macedonia. Croatia ranks 54th, Montenegro 56th, Greece 66th, Bulgaria 73rd, Serbia 77th and Albania 92nd. Macedonia has shown best result in the 'Readiness' subindex (46th place), climbing up 25 positions. This subindex measures the extent to which a country has in place the infrastructure and other factors supporting the uptake of ICTs.


Macedonia has the highest ranking in the 'Affordability' pillar being 29th, thus making progress of 59 positions compared to 2014. This pillar assesses the affordability of ICTs in a country through measures of mobile telephony usage costs and broadband Internet subscription costs.


"These numbers and statistics are irrefutable proof of our commitment to work on information society development and how much we strive to create an IT educated nation” Ivanovski said, adding that ”through ICT field we tend to improve our economy and creatе new jobs”.


The Ministry of Information Society and Administration and the Government will continue to work on developing information society, so the international valuation analysis is giving an additional incentive and motivation to be more successful and build a better and prosperous future.



Ministry of Information Society and Administration