Vouchers for Tablets handed over

Skopje, 28 of May 2015

Minister of Information Society and Administration, Ivo Ivanovski and the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Icko Gjorgoski, awarded vouchers for Tablet PC’s with external keyboard for regular students and registered students with disabilities.


”The Inter-ministerial committee had additionally checked the students applications, so today we are awarding 316 more vouchers: 206 to the University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius"(140 to the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics), 38 vouchers to the University 'Goce Delcev' Stip, ”St. Clement of Ohrid University” of Bitola - 22, the State University of Tetovo -38 and 12 more vouchers to other private Universities and Faculties”, Ivanovski said.


In total, 205 students from the Faculty of Natural Sciences have applied for vouchers. 46 coming from higher-income families were rejected and 10 having erroneous personal identification number will be further checked.


Minister Ivanovski suggested that students should turn to their student services in order to see if there were any incorrect personal identification numbers. The students then should inform the MISA and turn to Public Revenue office. Until now, 1.795 vouchers had been used for buying Tablet PCs. The Commission has considered 7.290 voucher requests: In total, 4.886 vouchers were awarded to students, 1.701 applicants were rejected due to higher revenues of their families and another 145 for failing to meet the requirements under the Law.


Currently a procedure to further check 542 applications is under way.





Ministry of Information Society and Administration