Arsovska Tomovska at the closing conference of the EU funded IPA TAIB 2009 project

Skopje, 1st of June 2015

Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration, Marta Arsovska Tomovska addressed а closing conference of the IPA TAIB 2009 project "Enhancing the administrative capacities of telecom and media authorities for efficient regulation of new digital and multiple play services".


Speaking about the importance of this project, Deputy Minister said that MISA has given its contribution through the legal and normative regulations, i.e. the preparation of the draft Law on Electronic communications. "This project enabled the capacities of telecom and media regulators to be enhanced for their tracking of communications market developments, the implementation of the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications and for audiovisual media services, performing different types of content regulation in the fields of electronic communications and broadcasting and building an efficient consumer protection system", Arsovska Tomovska said.


She also stressed the importance of ICT development: ”According to the World Bank, every 10% increase in broadband penetration results in corresponding increase of 1 to 1.5 % in GDP, while according to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, additional doublings of the broadband speed provides a GDP growth of 0.3 % in the country" . Arsovska Tomovska recalled the latest World Economic Forum report where Republic of Macedonia has seen further improvement, advancing 10 positions i.e. 20 positions over the last two years".


The EU-funded project was aimed to introduce efficient regulation of new digital and multiple play services in order to create a competitive environment for business development and consumer protection.





Ministry of Information Society and Administration