Arsovska Tomovska participated in "Civil Servant System in the Republic of Macedonia " debate

Skopje, 2nd of June 2015

The "Civil Servant System in the Republic of Macedonia " debate within the project "Forum of Public Administration", took place at the Faculty of Law "Justinian I" organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and supported by Faculty of Public Administration and political sciences - Tetovo.


Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration Marta Arsovska Tomovska participated in a panel session "The social dimension of public administration in the Republic of Macedonia". She spoke about activities which have been taken by MISA in the preparation , adoption and implementation of new administrative laws. She compared the scope, structure and public administration costs in Macedonia with those in EU administration. She also analyzed the reform processes in Macedonian administration in comparison with European countries, especially the situation in British public administration, underlying that Macedonia have been using positive examples of countries in EU.


Deputy Minister stressed the key European administration principles which will be incorporated into ongoing reform activities. Emphasis was put on on the vital points of the professional and administrative operations , such as service orientation to citizens, effectiveness, efficiency and accountability of administrative workers.





Ministry of Information Society and Administration