Introduction of automatic vehicle location and e-payment system in city buses

Skopje, 14th of July 2015

Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski together with the Mayor of the City of Skopje, Koce Trajanovski and Public Transportation Enterprise (JSP)- Skopje Director Igor Janusev, promoted the project of e-payment in city buses and automatic vehicle location system.


The first phase of the project begins in August 1st, involving a single transport card use in JSP-Skopje buses only. The project will be fully implemented as of January 1st 2016, when a single transport card will be used on private city buses, too. This system enables better and faster public transport. It enables real time bus tracking, precise positioning, information about the number of passengers and timetable information.


Minister Ivanovski underlined that this project was another step forward in the efforts to make Skopje smart city, like any other capital in the world. " Data is secured in the highest possible way. E-cards are extremely reliable and ensure simple daily use”, Ivanovski said.


"The automatic location and e-payment system will be installed in 500 buses: 380 JSP buses and 120 private buses. The citizens will be able to use one ticket for public and private buses. More than 50 information displays will be placed on bus stations throughout the city, containing information about bus arrival times", said Trajanovski, the Mayor of Skopje.


"Citizens will be offered two types of cards, with or without photograph. There will be 60 available locations for card supplement", Director Janusev said.







Ministry of Information Society and Administration