Macedonia now on Google Street View

Skopje, 8th of October 2015

Starting from today, you can virtually explore the downtown Skopje, wander through Bitola or Ohrid, with the launch of new Street View imagery in Macedonia. From the scenic mountains imagery of Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostuše , to beautiful Ohrid lake or Stone Bridge in Skopje, the 360 panoramic images showcase es some of the country’s most important tourist and historical sites and natural beauty.


In areas where Street View is available, you can access street-level imagery by zooming into the lowest level on Google Maps and clicking on the Street View image on the left hand side beneath the search box or by dragging the orange ‘Pegman’ character onto the map to be taken to street level.


Google goes to great lengths to safeguard privacy while allowing all users to benefit from this feature. As with all Street View imagery, before publication Google will apply face-blurring and license plate blurring to all these images to protect people's privacy. Once images are available, people will be able to report images for further blurring by clicking on 'report a problem' on the bottom left hand corner of the image. From here they complete a short form where they indicate the precise image to be blurred.Macedonians and people around the world can make travel arrangements, check the restaurants before arriving, arrange a meeting place or just explore and become better acquainted with the area.


“We are extremely excited with Google’s recent announcement to go live. It was our pleasure to assist in collecting Macedonian imagery during the past year, and we look forward to the fact that Google users from Republic of Macedonia and from all over the world can easily navigate through the country. As the tourism is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in Republic of Macedonia, having the number of foreign tourists increased by 16% in 2015, we expect that Google Street View will also contribute to cultural, lake, mountain, sports, wine, archaeological, religious, rural and eco-tourism", says Marta Arsovska Tomovska, Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.


“It always represents a good institutional governance if you follow the giant steps of the new technology, with innovative platforms like Street View. Yet, more obligations are set as we are talking about privacy and data protection, in this way we do consider taking step-by-step efforts. We, as Data Protection Authority are deeply convinced that collaboration with the stakeholders as Google in this manner is a strong determination for building firm data protection system in the country”, says Dimitar Gjeorgjievski, Director of the Directorate for Personal Data Protection Agency.


Local businesses can also benefit from Street View technology by embedding Google Maps directly into their site for free, helping them to promote a accommodation options or increase awareness of restaurants, tourist places, points of history and cultural importance.


For more information on Street View and how it can be used for recreational and business purposes please visit:



Ministry of Information Society and Administration