An Estonian company seeking business-partners in Macedonia

Skopje, 15th of October 2015

On March 2015 within the activities of Government of the Republic of Macedonia aimed at job creation and attracting foreign investments, Ivo Ivanovski who was then Minister of Information Society and Administration, held presentation before the IT companies in Tallinn, Estonia. At the presentation, investment opportunities in Macedonia were shown, as well as potential business cooperation of IT companies as a way of opening and expanding market. Ministry of Information Society and Administration hosted and organized meetings between the Estonian company 'NetGroup' and representatives of several Macedonian software companies in the past three days.


Management board members of 'NetGroup', Anders Abel and Raigo Raid, emphasized that an excellent technical and staff potential of IT companies from Macedonia was the reason why they’ve shown interest in cooperation. "We are leaving with good impressions. What we’ve expected it has been fulfilled, we met the right companies with right motivation", said management board members of 'NetGroup' at the meeting with Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration, Marta Arsovska Tomovska.


"In the last three days we’ve organized meetings with chambers of commerce and software companies who presented their work and expressed expectations provided they establish mutual cooperation. Our companies have shown interest and readiness, so the next step for them is to finalize the details of cooperation", Arsovska Tomovska said. She invited all Macedonian companies using the Microsoft .NET platform, to check with the Ministry that will provide contacts. "Estonia, she added: 'is among the leaders in the development of software applications worldwide in recent years, and given the sheer volume of work, their software companies are seeking quality business partners outside the country, especially experienced software developers".


During visit, management board members of the Estonian company 'NetGroup' held work meetings with a number of Macedonian software companies; they also shared Estonian experience with regards to E-judiciary, holding presentation in the Ministry of Justice. 'Net Group' is a bigger company in Estonia founded in 1999 in Tallin, and Microsoft partner since 2012. This company has an office in Finland and exports products in Sweden, Oman and Northern Iraq; works for the government of Estonia; has developed good billing software and implemented E-judiciary software application in the country.






Ministry of Information Society and Administration