Arsovska Tomovska at a conference in Paris on Public Administration Reform

Paris, 4th of December 2015

Minister of Information Society and Administration, Marta Arsovska Tomovska participated in a high-level ministerial conference in Paris 'Public Administration Reform Challenges in Western Balkan Countries'. She delivered a speech on previous experiences and the future plans with regards to PAR process.


”The EU report we’ve received last month, noted that progress has been made in terms of legislation and service delivery to citizens and businesses. The Sigma’s Report on the principles of public administration also noted those positive developments, but at the same time gave us broader perspective on where we really stand at this moment, and what targets to achieve. It should be stressed out that the first full cycle of the reform process in Republic of Macedonia is going to be rounded up this month, with the completion of the first National Public Administration Reform Strategy 2010-2015. The implementation report that will be drafted at the beginning of next year, will show the quality of the previous strategic planning, the level of the implementation of the Strategy and how it contributed to the achieving of European good administration standards", said Arsovska Tomovska, adding that this report, together with other Sigma’s reports, will be used as a baseline for setting up key strategic priorities and drafting, for the next 5-year strategic framework.


She pointed out, that the legislative framework of the Public Administration Reform is practically rounded up with the new laws enacted in 2015, such as the Law on General Administrative Procedure, Law on Public Sector Employees and Law on Administrative Servants. "After the laws are fully implemented in practice, we hope that the efficiency of the public administration will significantly increase for the benefits of both the public and citizens ", Arsovska Tomovska said.


OECD Deputy Secretary-General Mari Kiviniemi, European Commission DG NEAR Director Simon Mordue and Karen Hill, Head of SIGMA (OECD/EC), also addressed at the conference which is a continuation of last year’s Brussels conference on reinforcing public administration reform in the enlargement process, when the principles of public administration were launched.



Ministry of Information Society and Administration