Successful implementation of the project ’Supply of Equipment for the Interoperability Framework’

Skopje, 10th of December 2015

An event was held today, in the premises of the EU Info Centre to mark the successful implementation of the project ’Supply of Equipment for the Interoperability Framework’, funded by the European Union.


Within this project, 15 institutions have been connected through Interoperability platform and more than 60 services integrated in the processes of data exchange among institutions. It is a Modular Expandable Platform, for the inclusion of new institutions and integrating new services to exchange data in a quick and simple way without restrictions in the number of institutions and number of services. In this regard, the Interoperability platform will enable a connection of all state institutions in the country in the future, using the prescribed standards, procedures and guidelines for Interoperability.


As part of the project, advanced hardware equipment will ensure smooth functioning of the Interoperability platform in the years ahead. It complies with the Macedonian National Interoperability Framework based on best practices of the European Union, and has been developed with the support of the European Union.


The Interoperability platform facilitates the exchange of information among institutions. The continuous flow of data shorten the time required to transfer information among state institutions, enabling better public services, tailored to the needs of citizens and businesses. Platform Interoperability is the basis for building e-services to citizens and business community and also National Portal, for the benefit of the citizens.



Ministry of Information Society and Administration