A new distribution system launched: title deeds available online

Skopje, 29th of December 2015

Minister of Information Society and Administration, Marta Arsovska Tomovska, together with Slavce Trpeski, Director of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, introduced a new distribution system of the Agency that allows all citizens and legal entities to gain online access to its database.


This distribution system provides an access to a huge range of products and cadastre data through the website http://ossp.katastar.gov.mk/OSSP. Now, all citizens and business community will obtain the needed data from their homes or offices, instead of going to the counters in the Cadastre”, Trpeski said.


Minister Arsovska Tomovska pointed out that the procedure itself was a very simple - just three steps needed: from home, work, even when on the move.


”This system can be used by all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia in the country and abroad, as well as surveying and construction companies, public institutions, municipalities, ministries", Arsovska Tomovska said. The data available on the portal area come from the real estate cadastre, geodetic survey, cartography and data from the register of spatial units in the territory of Macedonia.


Online payment services are among the functionalities offered via the portal; Also, an option for downloading all available information and documents in digital or paper format, depending on the users' needs.


Minister added that benefits of e-services are numerous, but all refer to the efficiency in service delivery and quality of services received. The key aspects are: end-user satisfaction, error reduction, realization of number of services in a short period of time, reducing lines at the counters (thereby shortening the time required to obtain the service).


”Ministry of Information Society and Administration is currently in the process of designing a National portal which brings together all e-services in one place, thus ensuring a single point of service for all customers. It will speed up the administration reforms and on the other hand will enable continuation of the Macedonian society development, following the example of modern European and digital economies worldwide," Arsovska Tomovska said.




Ministry of Information Society and Administration