Arsovska Tomovska meets with Spindelegger

Skopje, 17th of February 2016

Minister of Information Society and Administration Marta Arsovska Tomovska held a working meeting with Michael Spindelegger, Director General of ICMPD headquartered in Vienna, and President of the Agency for Economic Cooperation and Development of Austria (AED).


The successful implementation of the twinning project 'Support to the Public Service and Public Administration Reform' implemented by the Ministry of Information Society and Administration and The Austrian Agency for Economic Cooperation and Development, were among the topics discussed at the meeting with Minister and other professionals in the ministry. The twinning project consisted of two main components: Compendium of interoperability and recommendations for the future population Register. The objective of the population Register which is to be implemented through the IPA component 2012, is to aggregate data of the population in the Republic of Macedonia ensuring successful census in the future and a modern, public policies electronic observing.


During the meeting, interlocutors also discussed the ways for mutual cooperation, participation in twinning projects and the possibilities for Austrian experts to visit our country in order to share their experiences. Spindelegger emphasized the positive experience and fruitful cooperation between the Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Austria achieved so far, expressing hope that such cooperation would continue in the future.


ICMPD is an international organisation with 15 member states in Europe. One of its purposes is to function as a service exchange mechanism for governments and organisations.




Ministry of Information Society and Administration