Deputy Minister Mucunski at the opening of the Open Data workshop

Skopje, 16th of March 2016

Ministry of Information Society and Administration in collaboration with KDZ Austria- Centre for Public Administration Research, organized a one-day workshop aimed at defining standards for open data, as part of the Open Government Data project.


Deputy Minister, Timco Mucunski declared the workshop officially open, emphasizing that 'It is very important to make the government institutions data available to citizens and companies so they can, by their re-use, generate economic value, develop business models and applications'.


That's why in 2014, the Parliament adopted the Law on use of public sector data, which stipulates the obligation of the authorities and public sector institutions to publish the data they create in the exercise of their responsibilities under the law, in order to enable the use of such data by the natural or legal persons.


”In the public sector, having access to data from the administration guarantees transparency, efficiency, equal opportunities and cooperation" Mucunski said, adding that access to data is not and must not in any way be conditional and limited.


"MISA has invested in the development of a modern platform through which a transparent access to open data of institutions in the country is provided. This site currently has 154 published data sets from 27 institutions. Although this figure is not negligible, we strive for posting largest possible number of data sets from all institutions and municipalities ", Mucunski said.


Ministry of Information Society and Administration