Arsovska Tomovska addressed at the conference on ICT and employment: needs and opportunities

Skopje, 16th of March 2016

Minister of Information Society and Administration Marta Arsovska Tomovska addressed at the conference on ICT and employment: needs and opportunities, organized by 'Open the Windows' within the framework of the European 'Get Online Week 2016'. The conference aimed to raise the awareness for the need and potential benefits of the use of information and communication technologies in the open labour market.



”Right after the establishment, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration has pledged that all Macedonian citizens should not only be active users in the information society, but as well as active contributors to the development of the information society. Over the years, we’ve created and implemented coherent policies that ensure access to communication technologies and Internet access for every citizen, every home and workplace. We've been developing unified and standardized e-services simple to use, that will facilitate citizens' access to government services. We've helped build an environment in which young people will know to take advantage of modern technology for easier communication, acquiring new knowledge, finding employment and cultural as well as intellectual improvement", Arsovska Tomovska said.


Emphasizing that the opportunities afforded by ICT should be accessible to all citizens equally, Arsovska Tomovska highlighted 'The National Strategy for e-Inclusion', which was developed by the Ministry of Information Society and Administration.



"Projects were grouped into seven priority pillars: e- accessibility, digital literacy , ICT for the elderly, geographic e- inclusion, inclusive e - government, social and cultural e-inclusion, and monitoring future recommendations of the European Union", said Arsovska Tomovska, pointing out, among other things, the preparation of guidelines for the implementation of WCAG 2.0 standard for web accessibility and software speech synthesizer for the blind, the awarding of over 5.273 vouchers to students from socially vulnerable categories for supplying tablets with an external keyboard, and also the latest activity, the application of WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) for websites and e-services provided by state institutions.



Ministry of Information Society and Administration