The first 'Annual Report of data from the Register of public sector' released

Skopje, 31st of March 2016

Minister of Information Society and Administration Marta Arsovska Tomovska presented the first ’Annual Report of data from the Register of public sector’. It is published at, the official website of the Ministry.


Arsovska Tomovska pointed out that these data provide detailed picture about the organizational structure of central and local government, public institutions and enterprises in the Republic of Macedonia: legislative organization, judicial and executive power, and the number of staff in each of the institutions separately, starting from the Parliament, the Government the ministries, regulatory bodies, judicial authorities, to the municipalities, enterprises, hospitals, schools, nurseries, as well as data on the job structure in relation to gender, age, education and affiliation.


As Arsovska Tomovska announced, there are 1.288 state institutions and 128.347 employees, officially. Most of them are employeed in public institutions: 64.168. In terms of gender representation, the greater is the percentage of women: 53 % as compared to men: 47%. The average age: 45.1 years, and the most numerous age group: 46-55 years. In terms of education, 47.529 being highly educated which makes 43.37 % of the total number of employees in the public sector; Also, 2.165 employees having Masters degrees and 1.383 PhDs.


”For the first time in the Republic of Macedonia, we’ve established this systematic and clear way of presenting data so they can be used both by citizens and professionals”, Arsovska Tomovska said. She called on all employees of the public sector institutions to report any abuse, pressure or irregularity before upcoming elections, to the e -mail address, or by calling the phone number 02/3200 899 or mobile phone 072 228683.



Ministry of Information Society and Administration