Deputy Minister Bajdevski Addressed the Attendees on the Conference "Like Elections - Like Future“

Skopje, April 10th, 2019

The Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration, Aleksandar Bajdevski, held a speech during the conference "Like Elections - Like Future", organized by CIVIL - Center for Freedom. The conference included presentation of findings, analyses and recommendations for the upcoming presidential elections.

During his speech, Bajdevski underlined that the Ministry of Information and Administration engages in active efforts to depolitize and professionalize public administration, with a view to transform it into a service for all citizens and to prevent any future abuse thereof for partisan goals.

"Currently, MISA is engaged in preparation of a horizontal functional analysis. Moreover, vertical functional analysis are also being prepared in all state administration bodies. This would infform us about which institutions have competences that overlap, and authorities each institution is held responsible before. Further steps to be taken would be aimed to reorganize public administration, which is a precondition to increase efficiency and effectiveness, reduce costs, and improve the quality of services institutions offer to citizens and companies", noted Bajdevski.

The deputy minister also focused on activities related to ensuring professional senior civil service.

"We are well aware that pressure to employees is most commonly exerted by management structures. Therefore, in the past period we worked on the Law on Senior Civil Service, which was presented on a public debate and is already published on SNERR. The law in question anticipates completely new standards for election of senior civil servants in the state. Thus far, this law has not been implemented in North Macedonia and, moreover, we are first in the region to introduce such a law. We anticipate strict measures and criteria, and evaluation of senior civil service candidates will be performed by experts in the field. A Senior Civil Service Commission would be established, and election of members thereof would take place in the Parliament, in a process similar to the election of SCPC members", said Bajdevski, noting that the commission would be appointed to perform evaluation, scoring and interviews of all senior civil service candidates. This way, he said, citizens would be assured that the senior civil service meets criteria required for such job position.

As Bajdevski stressed, the process would be public and transparent, whereby the outlook on public administration would finally be changed, and employees would be at ease knowing that their supervisors would not abuse their position for partisan and electoral goals. MISA also published a tool on its designated website, whereby employees would be able to report workplace harassment during the upcoming presidential elections campaign.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration