Free internet access in all student dormitories

Skopje, 09 of February

On the last Government session a decision was make for provision of free internet access in all student dormitories, for allocating electronic signatures to all employers in Macedonia, and for undertaking measurements for attracting investments in the area of e-commerce.

With the aim of providing Macedonian students accessibility to all European and world trends in internet services there is an ongoing project for free Internet access in all student dormitories in Skopje, student dormitory in Prilep, student dormitory “Senik”, student dormitories in Ohrid, Bitola and Stip, as well as in the newest student dormitory in Gostivar, said the Minister without portfolio Ivo Ivanovski today at press-conference in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

He also stated that there will be free internet connection in all rooms in 10 student dorms and that all procedures will be finished for approximately six mounts.

The goal of project for allocation e-signatures to all employers in Macedonia, is delivering authorized digital identity to all legal and physical entities who have legal obligation to report and pay tax. Certification is publicly recognized with Article13 from Low on data in electronic form and electronic signatures, said Ivanovski.

He pointed out that the project is focused on registering all employer population with digital identity, which will enable performance of all kinds of e-operations and their acceptation with no limit from the part of the certificate publisher.

With this option, as Ivanovski pointed out, employers instead of going back and forth from one desk to another they could do their business by electronic way, but they will have to have an e-certificate in order to do that. In that way operation can performed for the Pension and |Social Security Fund, the Central Register, the Customs, the Agency for employment where an employment or dismissal can be announced, and the new system for electronic public procurement.
Minister Ivanovski said that Government decided to undertake measurements for attracting investments to Macedonia in the area of e-commerce.

- Ei-commerce will be the motor of the development of every country in the future. The number of e-commerce deals increases each year. The sales in Internet shops is beyond comparable with that in regular shops, said Ivanovski highlighting that Macedonia should focus on the tax system in order to encourage the foreign investment in this field.

He also pointed out that in proposal contains few tax scenarios for e-commerce, profit tax, also e-commerce, turnover tax and e-gaming and gambling. Within three weeks, according to Ivanovski, the Ministry of finance should to report an opinion to the Government about which of proposals are acceptable and will be implemented in practice.