Minister Ivanovski on business meeting with commerce Union

Skopje, 9 of April 2008

The businessmen from the ICT chamber  at the Chambers of commerce Union had a business meeting with the minister of information society, Mi-r Ivo Ivanovski, today.
The goal of the meeting was to see what are the needs of the members of ICT chamber regarding the realization of government projects in the area of ICT.

-Our industry is one of fastest growing industries in Macedonia at the moment. So far we have had good collaboration with this government. The Government made several important steps, adopted a couple of laws that facilitated the business, but still there are questions that needs to be additionally considered, stated the president of ICT chamber at the Chambers of commerce Union, Vanco Ordanovski.  

As a problem that members in ICT chamber are facing, Ordanovski pointed out the lack of cooperation with the banks regarding e-commerce.
The problem is not in the Government. We have a good low that is adopted. The problem is rather in the banking industry which does not have good offers for collaboration. The banks want too big share of the profit, that is to say the commissions that they get are too high, said Ordanovski.
The Minister of Information Society,  Ivo Ivanovski, also thinks that sales through internet are not so frequent in Macedonia.

- Apart from one bank, there is no other bank in Macedonia that has an opportunity for e-transaction for buying through internet. Banks can’t agree on the percent.  Why they do that is unclear.  All over the world banks are the motor of the economy. Unfortunately, in Macedonia it is not the case. For first time we have a situation where a law is adopted but the banks don’t implement all necessary reforms so that the law can be enforced, said Ivanovski.