Requests to the state administration by e electronic way

Skopje, 30 of March 2007

All businessmen from Macedonia will be able, in the future, to submit requests to the state administration by e electronic way for many services of the public sector.
In that way money and time will be saved and the transparency of the work of the administration will increase. In this way different requests, export-import documentation, employment applications and questions can be submitted to the administration. This is the objective of the project “Interactive Macedonia”, for which the Government and the American agency USAID signed a memorandum of understanding.

The Governmental e-services do not serve only to inform. They should facilitate the communication between the Government and the citizens and to make administration more responsible, efficient and transparent, said the Minister without portfolio Ivanovski, who signed the memorandum. From USAID thy informed that so far this is the most complex project that is realized in the country after nine realized programs.

- Because everybody doesn’t have Internet we will perform sizing of a system through which text messages can be sent from mobile phones - message requests to the administration.

This process will be enable saving money and time and will be transparent and just, said Jerker Torngren, director of the USAID project e-Government.

From USAID it was stated that this project is important improving the image of Macedonia and they hope that it will be help for the investors to decide to invest in Macedonia. The Project should be implemented in the Customs board, Central Register, Agency for employment and other institutions. The Government together with USAID realized the free online course for learning the basis of onformatics called