Computer for every student

The project Computer for every student is the biggest investment in the education in the last 17 years. This project provided 17.818 computers, 98.710 LCD – monitors, 98.710 keypads, 98.710 mouses and 80.892 thin clients for the primary and high schools in the Republic of Macedonia, which meet the needs for two thirds. These computers will be used as tools for educational instruction and for an Internet access to the educational digital contents.


The high schools are already equipped with new communication infrastructure and with computers on each desk and in front of every student. The installation of the equipment in part of the primary schools is ongoing. The training for the professors is being implemented in order to include them in the curricula and in the building of the electronic society.  The software tools had been localized in Macedonian and in Albanian and the adoption of the operating system EduBuntu is already implemented. They will be used for the curricula goals. The localization had been implemented by USAID as a donation for the schools. 


This project will be constantly upgraded until 2012, in order the students to keep pace with the new technologies.

The international bids for procurement of additional number of computers are ongoing in order to cover the last third of the project: computer for every student.

During 2009, additional educational software tolls will be procured, which will be specially developed for the curricula in the Republic of Macedonia.


In the same time for more efficient education and more realistic measurable results, a centralized system for testing will be implemented. For the first time, the electronic testing will be introduced in the school year 2008/2009.   


Expected gains:

    • Increased efficiency in the totality of the educational process
    • Increased degree of computer usage and Internet
    • Improved IT skills of the professors and the students