Free of charge – Internet clubs

Within the “World at Glance” Project, over the past period 22 free internet-clubs have been opened on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, serving as centers where local population has access to free Internet.


Having in mind positive results of the project, confirmed by the great interest of citizens for the free-internet clubs, opening of new 8 Internet-clubs is planed in: Demir Hisar, Veles, Delcevo, Strumica, Berovo, Probistip, Valandovo and Struga. Opening of new free-internet clubs will provide access for population of these towns to the Internet, thus improving digital inclusion all over the Republic of Macedonia. Also, the “World at Glance” Project with continual opening of new internet clubs provides that increased number of citizens have free access to the Internet, especially those who cannot afford Internet access in their homes.


Expected gains:

  • Increased degree of Internet and computer usage
  • Lowering of the digital incompetence
  • Improving the basic computer skills of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia