Ei-inclusion represents the activities for enabling access to e- services and digital contents, including persons, for which learning the new technologies is a challenge, because of their education, age, financial problems, geographical digital gap etc. The principal of equal chances for all citizens must be respected. Whether that is a communicational system, ICT, software, content ( textual, audio-visual), devices for internet connection, e-points, software products, cell phones, devices for digital television, the challenge for the usage of new products exists because of social, educational, cultural, geographical reasons, as well as for the disabled people. It is necessary to prepare a Manual for e-Access and e-Inclusion, which will be a ground for Strategic Document for e-Inclusion. 

Ei- inclusion is a result of the fact that in the EU, 30%- 40% of the population is excluded from the advantages of the Information society, on the other hand in the Republic of Macedonia, this figure is 50-70% of the population. The Strategic Document will have to define guidelines and concrete measures for inclusion of all the citizens in the development of the “digital society”.



Expected gains:

    • Considerable reducing of the digital gap among the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia
    • Increased degree of common usage of the computers and the Internet in the country
    • Improvement of the productivity, lowering of the unemployment and improvement of the common economic situation of the citizens, who are ”excluded” from the social and the economic life in the Republic of Macedonia.