Digital certificates

This project envisages promotion of the benefits of digital certificate usage by accredited issuer of certificates for all the employers, who has a legal obligation to pay income taxes, in order to enable to them to submit the documents electronically in the state institutions and to minimize their visit of the counters. In this way, the promotion of the usage of the actual and future electronic services will be simplified, among which are: Electronic publication of social  security taxes and personal income tax, Electronic income tax return, Electronic publication of annual accounts, E-Banking, electronic payment of taxes and other fees, Electronic public procurement ( Digital certificates are obligatory, starting from 1 January 2008), Electronic registration of newly hired persons and dismissed persons in the Employment Agency, Declaration on electronic export-import etc. 


The barriers will be identified and removed regarding the appointment of CA (Certificate Authority) and an implementation of the electronic documents and signatures will be supported, in the domestic and in the cross-border commerce, as well as in the communication with the state institutions.


Expected gains:

  • Usage of actual and future electronic services:
    • Electronic publication of the social income and personal taxes
    • Electronic tax return
    • Electronic publication of annual account
    • Electronic banking
    • Electronic payment of taxes and other fees
    • Electronic public procurements
    • Electronic registration of hired and dismissed persons in the Employment Agency
    • Declaration on electronic export - import etc.
  • The legal entities and the natural persons will benefit from this because:
    • Will eliminate part of the office material
    • Will not have to wait so long in front of the counters
  • The Government will benefit from this by:
      •  The institutions will be more efficient in their services for the citizens.