i2010 Conference – Information Society at a Crossroads- Brdo, Slovenia

Brdo, 14 of May 2008

An Information Society Conference “i2010 Conference – Information Society at a Crossroads”, took place in Brdo, Slovenia during 13 and 14th of May. Ministers of Education, Science and Information Society from the EU members and candidate countries were present at the Conference, which was held during the Slovenian Presidency of the EU.
The Macedonian Delegation was guided by the Minister without portfolio in charge of Information Society, Ivo Ivanovski, M.Sc.

At the edge of the Conference, the Minister Ivanovski had a meeting with Mojca Kucler Dolinar, Minister for Higher Education, Science and technology of the Republic of Slovenia. During the meeting, they have shared experiences from the information society development field in their native countries, whereupon, Minister Ivanovski has presented the 13th projects that the Government of the Republic of Macedonia is implementing (e-citizens, computer for every child, free citizen trainings, free Internet connections for all the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, free computers and Internet access points- internet cafés, free teachers trainings, e-libraries- connecting and digitalization of 42 libraries in the Republic of Macedonia, e-health etc). Readiness for further intensiveness of the current bilateral collaboration in the information society field was expressed, by assistance of experts and companies from the Republic of Slovenia, to projects in the Republic of Macedonia, especially because of their credibility and the high rank that Slovenia has in the EU measurements for information society development.

Data about the information society development in the EU were presented during the Conference. It was mention that, 250 millions (or 50% of the total number of EU citizens) permanently use Internet, which makes their lives simpler (bills payment, bank transactions, administration services, network connection of the economic subjects etc). Even so, the fast development in this field, prescribes a need for timely perceiving and taking measures for the challenges and the problems, that EU will face in direction of cyber- criminal protection, data protection, hackers protection (from attacks to national institutions, banks, health and similar institutions’ systems), and for exceeding the gaps between countries- EU members. Austria was mentioned as a country with best performance results in the information society development and as a country that has 100% online availability of public services. As countries with 90% online availability of public services and good performance results, were mentioned Malta, Portugal, Slovenia and Estonia.