University IT - network

UIT-network is a Project for connection of the Macedonian academic and research network MAPHnet with the regional SEEREN , and with GEANT through 1 gbs broadband Internet of the countries in the region. Apart from the University of Sts Cyril and Methodius, in the future we are planning to connect the other state universities, all primary and high schools in this network and the private universities, which will have the possibility to rent this network. The update of this network and the connection of the universities will result in better conditions for development and research in the academy. This will enable the universities to attract large number of projects from the EU and to realize them flawlessly. The connection with GEANT is realized in Athens, and soon it will be transferred with Vienna.

Initiation of the dialog among all interested parties for formation of Internet Exchange within MAPHet or as an independent institution (Measure from NSEIKTAP: 2.2.E).

The universities, Marnet, the National Council for informatics society and the competent state institutions, will make an analysis and will propose a method with lawful solution for institutional transformation in national academic, scientific, researching network. Which will overcome the current financial and infrastructural problems (Measure form NSEIKTAP: 2.10, a).


Expected gains:

    • Faster, more efficient communication among the educational institutions in the Republic of Macedonia and abroad.
    • Increased security when exchanging data
    • Lowered communication fees