Voice communication by Internet Protocol

Regarding the fast development of the informatics technology, there is a necessity of renewal of the capacity of the existing infrastructure. The most obvious example for the informatics influence is the introduction of the daily business by the Internet technology, including communication via email, search of information, publication of personal information etc. This initiates development of other segments in connection with the network infrastructure, as security of transferring and storage of data, and increasing the speed of transfer of data.  


Expected gains from technical aspect:

  • Individual infrastructure for transfer of data, voice  and video
  • Modern network infrastructure, as a precondition for introduction of modern IT services, which can meet the needs in the following years
  • Introduction of IP phones 


Expected gains from economical aspects:

    • Lowering of the operative fees regarding the  usage of commercial services of the classic telephony
    • Significantly return of the investment ROI (Return of Investment), by reducing the fees for intercommunication
    • Reduced fees for functional maintenance of the equipment, because the subject of maintenance will be unified/ integrated network