Electronic research and payment of the services provided by the governmental institutions

This project includes upgrade of the portal  www.uslugi.gov.mk  and enables electronic payment ( by cell phone, contact centers, web portal) provided by the governmental institutions, which will eliminate the obligation to go in posts and banks to pay, as well as the necessity of buying tax stamps. The portal www.uslugi.gov.mk is an electronic service of the Government, which enables access to the services, provided by the ministries and other institutions electronically.  


Expected gains:

    • Increasing the level of electronic services of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia for natural and legal persons.  
    • Facilitation and simplification of the procedures for receiving services by the governmental institutions 
    • Savings in the budget by reducing the costs for printing of administrative tax stamps, which will be equal with the one currently prepared for printing.  
    • Reducing the period of time that the citizens are spending while waiting in front of the institutions’ counters, in the banks etc. and especially the negative point here is, that the wasted time must be paid by the companies, which hired those people
    • The direct promotion of the Governments’ efforts for implementation of private - public partnerships is shown in the cooperation with the banks and mobile operators in order to improve citizens’ life.
    • Supporting the efforts made by the Ministry of Finance for credit cards payment, emphasizing the use of credit cards in the services provided by the Government.