E- Judiciary

150 computers were installed in 33 courts, they are used within the frames of the Integrated judicial informative system (IJIS). This system enables to distribute the disputes electronically to the judges and in this way the subjectivity of the person is avoided. Displays are installed in all of the courts, which make possible to follow the proceedings.


Инсталирани се 150 компјутери во 33 судови, кои се користат во рамки на Интегрираниот судски информативен систем (ИСИС). In the same way, we will introduce a data system in order to connect different segments of the judiciary, which will enable efficient and secure exchange of data and reports. These activities are part of the projects, which have an aim to establish and to develop modern and efficient judiciary in the Republic of Macedonia. IT - solutions and systems are in compliance with the best international and European standards. All judges and prosecutors, as well as their assistants will receive computers and Internet. 


Expected gains:

    • Lowering the subjective factor in the process of disputes distribution
    • Higher transparency of the judicial proceedings
    • Facilitated communication, efficient and secure exchange of data and reports between the judicial centers