Business process management service

The implementation of updating the system for electronic organization of the Governmental sessions is ongoing, with a possibility to exchange opinions among the institutions electronically. The system will enable  automation in the process of holding governmental sessions and will minimize the possibility for misusing and changing the materials, presented on the session.


Expected gains:

  • to the necessary time for preparation of materials for the sessions of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia 
  • to connect the governmental organs and to establish central place for building  “ governmental knowledge”
  • to optimize and redefine the processes for preparation and approval of documents  
  • to reduce the time necessary for preparation of materials for sessions of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in the Ministries themselves
  • simple and flexible communication Ministries - Government and Ministry - Ministry  
  • to follow the processes connected with preparation of materials
  • to measure the performances of the state administrators, participants in the process  
  • to reduce the usage of paper in the Government and the governmental institutions  
  • to reduce the number of scanned materials