Managing the relations with the citizens

Customer relationship management in the public sector or Citizen Relationship management is program, which should provide new vision in the public sector, by which the services will be distributed to the citizens in a more efficient and effective way, and they will be in compliance with their needs. The process of CRM implementation in the public sector will set as a goal to transform the public administration in an institution, which will offer quality services for the citizens and they will have the possibility to choose where, when and how they will use the services. This will be achieved through offering governmental services by call centers, web portals, SMS and offices for citizens’ services, as well as by establishing the concept of one stop shop government. This concept will give the citizens the possibility to get the necessary services by communication channel, which they prefer, without previously contacting a huge number of state administrators from different institutions.  


Expected gains:


For the Government, the gains from CRM are:

  • offer for better services for the citizens
  • lowered costs for completing of activities
  •  lowered costs for paper use
  • Better usage of the space


The gains from CRM for the citizens include:

  • Possibility for 24/7 access to information through call centers, 3G, Internet and other ways of communication
  • The time for receiving the necessary information is shorter
  • Citizens will have the opportunity to use the governmental services faster
  • Access to many services from one place