Creation of the National Council for informatics society

In order to implement the measures,mentioned in the National strategy for development of electronic communications with informatics technologies (NSDECIT), the Government created a new organ - National Council for development of the informatics society, which has representatives from the public, the  private, and the non -governmental sector as well as representatives from the universities.


The Council, fundamentally, will be an organ, which will have to coordinate and secure the participation of all stakeholders in the development of the informatics society, and in the same time to support the Minister, competent for the development of the information society.

The National council for information society will supervise the implementation of the measures, envisaged in this strategy, taking into consideration the indicators, and will give reports every six months.

The National Council of information society in cooperation with State Statistical Office will update and record the list of indicators for development of the informatics society.


Expected gains:

    • Improved communication between the public, the private, the civil and the academic sector for questions concerning the development of the digital economics and its policies, and more simple formation of individual national attitude for these issues.
    • Gains for the private sector: The private sector through its participation in the National council will receive new ideas for commercial projects, as well as new projects for realization, and this will increase the income of the whole community. 
    • Gains for the civil sector: The civil sector will receive concrete directions for leading the projects towards civil participation and inclusion in the new societal flows. The main topic should be rising up of the public awareness of the citizens in order to facilitate their life through usage of the ICT etc.
    • Gains for the academic sector: The academic sector can show its research projects before all the stakeholders of the information society, and this presentation will help the academic sector to find partners for new researches. In the same way, the academic experts in cooperation with the professional experts from the business community, will have the opportunity to work together not only for scientific but also for commercial aims. Mainly, the research projects for commercial aims may provide maintenance for the future and the current researches.
    • Gains for the local - self government: The gains for the local self- government will be directed towards improvement of the decentralization and its independence. The local self-governments will receive experience and new ideas. In the same way, in partnership with the academic and business sector, may offer an environment for realization of praxis in the research projects. This is one of the ways to get findings for infrastructure and promotion, without using the money of the self-government budget. They can concentrate also on attracting investments from the business sector; this is one of the ways to find out what actually the business subjects need and in which direction the development will continue.
    • The partnership between the public and the private sector can be established through mutual participation of the both sectors in the operation of the National council for informatics society and finding out common interests.