550 computers installed in a High School in Prilep

Prilep, 29 of May 2008

Over 500 computers are functional from today, in the High School “Riste Risteski Richko” in Prilep.
- 550 computers have been installed today from the total number of 2.600 computers that are assigned to be functional during the next week in the five High Schools in Prilep. Over 4.000 High school students from the Prilep’s High schools will have opportunity to use the computers during their education, said Mi-r Ivo Ivanovski, Minister without portfolio in charged of information society.

- Untill now, in the country, 23 High schools are completely equipped, while, 35 High schools are supplied with the necessary infrastructure, so just the computer installation is missing. The dynamic plan is fulfilled- 11 High schools, every three weeks, so the project will be completed in these schools until July or the middle of August, said Ivanovski.

Alongside with the High schools, there are plans and implementation of those in the Primary schools as well. Five to fifteen classrooms from the Primary schools will be equipped, so until the start of the new school year, the project will be completely implemented in the educational system in the Republic of Macedonia.

The costs for the project are 21 millions of Euros and almost 100.000 computers will be installed in all the schools in the Republic of Macedonia.