E-Documents Project

One of the major priorities of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia is increasing the quality of administrative services. The goal of the E-Documents Project is to increase efficacy of state institutions and offer citizens quick, simplified and more efficient administrative services, through implementation of a solution that will enable electronic exchange of documents among institutions. In this way institutions will speed up their work and introduce efficient internal communication and data and document exchange. The E-Documents Project will allow citizens and business community who address any institution for a certain service, to get all necessary documents from other institutions through the institution they have addressed to for a service. The Project is realized in several phases: business process analysis, definition of a technical solution, implementation of a technical solution and implementation of legal and organizational reforms.


The Project is supposed to include functioning of 18 most commonly used services, such as document issuing or services to citizens:



Issuing a citizenship certificate, by the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

SERVICES 2, 3 and 4:

Issuing a birth certificate, marriage certificate and death certificate, by the Administration for Keeping Registries.


Issuing a possession list, by the Agency of Real Estate Cadastre

SERVICES 6 and 7: Issuing a certificate for paid taxes and contributions and certificate for realized net income, by the Public Revenue Office.
SERVICES 8 and 9: Issuing a certificate on the right to monetary compensation and work permit for foreigners, by the Employment Agency of the Republic of Macedonia.
SERVICES 10 and 11: Issuing a driving license and reporting change of residence, by the Ministry of Interior Affairs.
SERVICES 12 and 13:

Issuing a certificate for paid compensation for building permit and issuing a certificate for property tax, by Municipality/City of Skopje.

SERVICE 14: Issuing a review of work experience and salary data, by the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund.
SERVICES 15, 16 and 17:

Issuing first instance solution, solution on verdict fulfillment and second instance solution, by the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund.

SERVICE 18: Issuing a certificate for pay compensation on the basis of maternity leave, by the Health Insurance Fund.