The Ministry of Information Society and Administration, in cooperation with the Intel Company, provided 513 educational contents in 2009 that will be used for the subjects of math, physics, chemistry and biology in primary and secondary education. The application of digital contents in teaching programs for the subjects of math, physics, chemistry and biology in VI, VII and VIII grade, as well as subjects of math and environment exploring in the first and second development period of the nine-grade education, will ensure more efficient realization of curriculums and make teaching contents clearer, more interesting and easier to adopt by students. Thus, the students will be more interested and more efficient in gathering knowledge in school subjects. In this way, the goal will be realized for implementing ICT in primary education and its approximation to modern European and world educational systems.

The contents consist of:

  • learning objects which, apart from interactive presentation of material, also have a short text for self-testing students;
  • simulations, where students can get new information and knowledge without direct experiments; and
  • learning notes, in which are described lesson with examples, translated into Macedonian and Albanian.

All e-contents are placed on the portal and are available on the Internet, so that they can be applied in teaching without being installed on local computers.


The contents are published on the portal www.skoool.mk