The Ministry of Information Society and Administration has been in a process of introducing the ISO 2011 standard, aimed for increasing customers’ satisfaction with our services and our employees. The ISO 9000 group of standards is an international consensus of good practices in right quality management and consists of standards and manuals related to quality management systems and adequate support standards. The Ministry as the chief reform bearer, by introducing the ISO standards and giving a good example, encourages all state administrative and public institutions to do the same. The Ministry of Information Society and Administration is also responsible for monitoring the situation with the ISO 9011 introduction in all state administration and public institutions, and for giving regular reports to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. Presently, 6 institutions have been certificated, 3 institutions are being in certification phase, 9 institutions in the phase of document procedure application, and 26 of them are in a phase of introducing and documenting procedure in their work.


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