Citizen First of All Project

Quality of the public administration is a key factor in the level of services offered to citizens and companies, which contributes to development of the society and democratic processes, as well as to EU integration of the country. The main goal is creating a modern, professional and efficient public administration that will improve relations with citizens and be at their complete service. In this respect, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia undertakes measures for increasing efficacy in administrative procedure implementation through: establishing the right to complaint against a second instance administrative decision and its definition by law; implementation of the principle “silence of administration” wherever possible, to the benefit of citizens and companies; establishment of precise and short terms for making decisions in administrative procedure; and fines for managerial persons in case of their not handling procedure within law terms.


Expected benefits:

  • precise definition of  second instance complaint procedure
  • clear solution establishment for silence of administration
  • precise and short terms in making decisions in administrative procedure.