Interconnection and use of registers and data bases between state administration bodies and institutions – Interoperability

Implementation of this project enables inter-electronic data exchange between state administration bodies and institutions that are of importance in performing their functions, and contributes to quality, economic and efficient operation.

The Pilot-project has been performed in 5 state institutions:

  • Ministry of Interior Affairs
  • Central Register
  • Agency of Real Estate Cadastre
  • Customs Office and
  • Public Revenue Office

The Project included:

  • Analysis of existing systems in pilot institutions;
  • Introduced law amendments;
  • Developed central mediatory system for inter-electronic data exchange;
  • Developed web services in institutions;
  • Analysis of received results for the needs of further improvement and expansion of the solution

General benefit:

  • increased efficacy and efficiency in state administration bodies’ work;
  • increased rights and reduced responsibilities for citizens and business subjects;
  • increased quality of the governmental electronic services;
  • reduced time for receiving services

Future plans

Gradual expansion of the system with new institutions is planed for each following year. First analysis and plans have already been made for including the Health Insurance Fund, Employment Agency of RM, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management as well as the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of Macedonia.