E-Democracy Web Portal

Introducing the E-Democracy web portal is a response to the need for introducing a new modern method of public hearing. It is expected to allow more common and more accessible way for citizens’ participation in policy creation with support of modern information and communication technologies.


Having in mind the fact that democratic processes in the Republic of Macedonia have been supported by the information technology benefits over the past years, introducing of the E-Democracy web portal should be understood as some kind of continuity.


This portal solution should allow citizens of the Republic of Macedonia to present their views on draft documents of the Government in a simple and easy accessible way and be actively involved in decision making process.


The Portal will provide the following contents:

  • Legislation in preparation – a part directly connected with contents of the Electronic Register of regulations of the Republic of Macedonia..
  • Strategic documents – review of all strategic documents of the Government, both final (work program, policies, strategies, action plans, decrees, etc.) and draft-documents (draft-programs, draft-strategies, etc.). It will give citizens the possibility for general and advanced searching and sorting, as well as for making comments/suggestions to certain documents.
  • Forum (Thematic debates) – a part intended to portal users for having thematic debates.
  • Blog – a part intended to advanced portal users (nongovernmental organizations, economic chambers and other groups of citizens) with possibility for placing articles, posts and comments.
  • Administrative barrier elimination (Suggest) – a part where any citizen can make direct comments, views and suggestions that will contribute to more efficient functioning of the public administration and to administrative barriers elimination.  Registration
  • (Plug in) – a part allowing physical and legal subjects to register in the web portal and provide a two-way communication between administration and citizens. Registered users can make a pick from different offered fields/categories for getting notifications on their e-mail addresses about published new documents or new topics on the portal, etc.
  • Provide an idea – a part where citizens can submit a brief elaborate of their ideas.