Portal www.uslugi.gov.mk

The www.uslugi.gov.mk portal is a result of the commitments of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia for more efficient and transparent work of the state administration, by enabling a central access point to information on services for citizens and business subjects. The www.uslugi.gov.mk portal is a standardized informative portal allowing all citizens and business subjects in the Republic of Macedonia to have:


  • common access to services of state administration bodies;
  • direct electronic communication with the Government of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • online interaction between citizens and the Government;
  • short time terms necessary for collecting information referring to Government services;
  • duly and promptly information about changes in procedures for certain Government services;
  • short time terms for distribution of information about Government services;
  • mutual connection of the Government bodies and setting a starting point for establishing central place for building “governmental knowledge”.


The Portal will allow citizens to ask questions and make comments to be taken into consideration for further improvement of contents published on the Portal.


Also, a free telephone line 15 111 has been provided for information distribution to consumers who do not use the Internet. This tool will help citizens to provide information about all services published on the www.uslugi.gov.mk portal, and other questions of state administration competence.