Information about conducted training “Project Cycle-B Management”

In accordance with the activities stipulated in the 2011 Annual Program for generic training of civil servants in the Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration organizes a training on the topic “Project Cycle-Bi Management”.


The goal of the training is providing basic knowledge and skills for civil servants in the field of project managing in civil service.


Target group are civil servants in need for acquiring skills in project and project file management. The training is planned to be attended by 30 civil servants from the central government goodies. The group will be set up after appropriate selection among nominated candidates from the state government bodies, taking into account fair gender and community representation.


The training will be conducted in a two-month period, in two separate modules focused on a particular field such as:

Module 1: “Project management” (5th and 6th May 2011)

Module 2: “Management and coordination” (6th, 7th and 8th June 2011)


The two modules will be conducted in the premises of the MP Club in Skopje

As aforementioned, we would appreciate if invited institutions submit their nominations of one person participation as soon as possible, no later than 29th April 2011 (Friday), including the following data:

- name and surname of the person, position, contact telephone number and e-mail address,

- certificate of a competent body guaranteeing undisturbed training attendance of the selected person in the planned terms and respect of the given responsibilities as a participant.


For all necessary details, please address the contact persons: Sevgil Murtezi, Junior Associate, tel.: 02/ 3094 222, e-mail: Irena Stameska, Junior Associate, tel.: 02/ 3094-217, e-mail:


Invited institutions:

General Secretariat

Secretariat for European Matters

Secretariat for the Framework Agreement Implementation

Common Affair Service

Office of the President of the Government

Secretariat of Legislative

State Attorney

Ministry of Defense

Ministry of Interior

Bureau for Public Security

Ministry of Justice

Administration of Master Register Management

Administration for Sanction Enforcement

Bureau of Judicial Expertise

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Economy

Meteorology Bureau

State Market Inspectorate

Bureau of Public Procurement

Administration for Money Laundering and Terrorism Funding Prevention

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management

Administration of Hydrometeorology

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Education and Science

Bureau for Education Development

Ministry of Labor and Social Policy

Ministry of Local Self-Government

Bureau of Regional Development

Ministry of Culture

Administration for Cultural Heritage Protection

Ministry of Transport and Communication

Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning

Agency of Youth and Sports

Agency of Immigration

Agency of Development and Investments

Directorate for Classified Information Security

Directorate for Radiation Security

Directorate of Protection and Rescue

Center for Crisis Management

Commission for Relations with Religious Communities and Groups

Agency of Agriculture and Rural Development Financial Support

Agency of Community Rights Exercise

President of RM

Assembly of RM

Commission for Protection of the Free Access Right to Public Information

State Anti-Corruption Commission

State Electoral Commission

State Commission for Public Procurement Complaints

Agency for Seized Property Management

Commission for Fact Verification

Constitutional Court of RM

Judicial Council of RM

Public Prosecutor Council

Public Prosecutor of RM

Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors Training

Agency of Commodity Reserves

Agency for Real Estate Cadastre

Agency of Food and Veterinary of RM

State Archives of the Republic of Macedonia

State Bureau of Statistics

State Bureau of Industrial Property

Agency of Administration


Administration for Personal Data Protection

Competition Commission

State Audit Office