Information about conducted training in procedure for civil servant selection and employment

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration, in accordance with the activities stipulated in the 2011 Annual Program for generic training of civil servants in the Republic of Macedonia, on 24th and 25th March 2011 conducted the first workshop on the topic “Procedure for civil servant selection and employment” in the premises of the MP Club in Skopje. 


The training introduced and elaborated main employment characteristics in the state administration of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as the procedure for civil servant selection and employment in accordance with the Law on Civil Servants. It was conducted by civil servants from the Agency of Administration.

Target group of the training were civil servants directly involved in the civil servant selection and employment procedure.

The training was attended by 38 civil servants, out of whom 17 from the central government and 21 from local government institutions.


Within this training, in 2011 is planned yet another special workshop for civil servants from institutions in the central government and in the local government units who were not invited in this training term. Information about their conduction will be provided additionally.