Information about conducted training in civil servant register

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration, in accordance with the activities stipulated in the 2011 Annual Program for generic training of civil servants in the Republic of Macedonia, on 16th March 2011 (Wednesday) conducted the first training on the topic “Civil servant register” in the MP Club premises in Skopje. 


The training presented and elaborated legal provisions on the civil servant register, the register concept and the manner of using the register soft wear, as well as the by-laws on the form and content of the forms for data registering of the civil and public servants. It was realized by civil servants – practitioners from the Ministry of Information Society and Administration.


Target group of the training were civil servants employed in human resource management sections who are directly involved in data updating and use in/from the civil servant register; that is in preparation of the acts for inner organization and job classification, making decisions for civil servants employment and completing and distribution of CS forms.


The training was attended by 40 civil servants, 20 of whom from institutions in the central government and 20 persons from the local government.

Within the training, in 2011 are planned another two special workshops for civil servants from institutions in the central government and units of the local government who were not invited in this training term. Information about their conduction will be provided additionally.