Information about conducting training on the topic “Anti-corruption measures and ethics in civil service”

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration, in accordance with the activities planned with the 2011 Annual Program for generic training of civil servants in the Republic of Macedonia, organizes a series of trainings on the topic “Anti-corruption measures and ethics in civil service”. 


The purpose of the training is to get civil servants familiar with topics connected with preventing and dealing with in the civil service. In this respect, the training will cover matters about implementation of the Anti-corruption Law, the Law on Conflict of Interests, as well as the strategic and action plans for preventing corruption and conflict of interests; Implementation of international anti-corruption convention and ethics in civil service.


Target group of the training are civil servants employed in the central and local government bodies, whose work is closely connected with these matters.
The one-day training will be conducted in 3 groups of civil servants. The first workshop is planned for 29th February 2012 (Wednesday) at 09:30 am, in the premises of the ARM Building in Skopje.


As aforementioned, we would appreciate if you send your nomination by 24th February 2012 (Friday) at the latest, including the following data: name and surname of the person, institution, position, contact telephone number and e-mail address.


For all necessary details, please address the contact persons in the Administration Training Section: Anamarija Andreska, Senior Associate, tel.: 3094-235, fax: 3221-883, e-mail: and Bisera Vojceska, Junior Associate, tel.: 02/ 3094 237, e-mail:


Invited institution for the workshop on 29th February 2012 (Wednesday):


  • Bureau for Public Procurement
  • Administration for  Money Laundering and Terrorism Funding Prevention
  • Financial Police Administration
  • Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Policy
  • Ministry of Information Society and Administration
  • Commission for Relations with Religious Communities and Groups
  • Agency of Youth and Sports
  • Agency of Immigration
  • Agency of Agriculture and Rural Development Financial Support
  • Agency of Community Rights Exercise
  • Agency of Commodity Reserves
  • Directorate of Protection and Rescue
  • Directorate of Radiation Safety
  • Center for Crisis Management
  • State Archives of RM
  • State Bureau of Statistics
  • State Bureau of Industrial Property
  • Agency of Administration
  • Agency for Personal Data Protection
  • Commission for Protection of the Free Access to Public Information
  • Commission for Competition Protection
  • State Anticorruption Commission
  • State Electoral Commission
  • Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors Training
  • State Commission for Public Procurement Complaints
  • Directorate for Classified Information Safety
  • Agency for Real Estate Cadastre