Information about conducted training “The system of public administration and civil service in the Republic of Macedonia“

In accordance with the activities stipulated in the 2012 Annual Program for generic training of civil servants in the Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, on 1st and 2nd March 2012 (Thursday and Friday), conducted the first training on the topic “The system of public administration and civil service in the Republic of Macedonia” in the ARM Building premises in Skopje.


The training introduced and elaborated topics connected with substantial characteristics of the public administration system, matters connected with the status, rights and responsibilities of civil servants in accordance with the Law on Civil Servants, topics in the EU field, office and archive operations in civil service as well as free access to public information. It was realized by civil servants-practitioners from relevant institutions.


The training was attended by 25 civil servants from 15 institutions from the central government on positions of junior associate and junior officer employed in 2010.


In addition to this training, in 2012 four more special workshops are planned for civil servants from the central government institutions who were not invited in this training term. Information about their conduction will be provided additionally.